provocative message for students of economics and….

the Czech Finance Minister:  Babis.

The idea of balancing the budget is bullshit.

Listen to Mark Blyth at minute 29

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A Note About Advertising

I do not endorse advertisements for on-line gambling, or anything else appended to these pages.

The Internet was created with Public money, and should be in public hands. It should not be a tool for increasing the wealth of those who are already wealthy. It should be a public service in public hands, and advertising-free.

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Mark J. Lovas: Education

As an undergraduate at the University of Texas-Austin, I studied Czech and Philosophy. In those days the methods of teaching the Czech language were not informed by Cognitive Linguistics. (The diagrams which appear in, e.g., my favorite Czech grammar, were unknown.) I was more inspired than instructed. However, I was able to spend a summer in Prague where, during the dark days of “communism”, I heard the sounds of the Czech language and avoided attendance at “Spartakiada” on the grounds that I had a cold.

I went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and attended three different NEH Summer Seminars for College Teachers: with Gregory Vlastos (The Philosophy of Socrates), Richard Mendelsohn (Philosophy of Language: Reference and Meaning), and Simon Blackburn (Emotion and Reason in Practical Reasoning).

I continue to be influenced by my training in ways not measurable with the tools of Neoliberal ideology.

Note/Recommended Reading: (on Neoliberal ideology in Czech)

In English:

An interview with David Harvey:

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Mark J. Lovas: Teaching Experience

After receiving my Ph.D. (in Philosophy, awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a dissertation titled “Plato’s Discussion of False Belief in the Theaetetus“, and supervised by Professor Terry Penner), I taught for six years at three different universities in the USA.  (Oklahoma State University, The University of Evansville, and (for four years) at the University of Toledo).

In Europe I have taught Philosophy and English as a Foreign Language at high schools (both American and Slovak International Schools) and universities (Comenius University, City University) in Bratislava.

I have also taught EFL to professionals in the workplace in Bratislava, Vienna, and Prague.

Currently I teach English for Special Purposes to students of Economics, Informatics, and Nursing at the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic.



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Mark J. Lovas: Publications

Mark J. Lovas

I am, at the time or writing (November 2012), employed by the Language Center of the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic.


“Bob Billing’s Crisis”, a short story to appear in Short Story, Fall, 2013.

“Advertising; The Uninvited Guest”, Think, (2011)

“The Difficulty of Understanding”, Think, (2011)

“Creating a Niche for the A-Social”, Think (2009)

Dancy’s Moral Paricularism, Sorites,(2007)

American Optimism Meets Slavic Fatalism, The Journal of Mundane Behavior, (2001)

Schiffer’s Meaning-Intention Problem

I have also written a comic novella set in Central Europe, “A Neurotic in an Exotic Land”.  It is available for Kindle at Amazon.

And, I have published a short story in a publication of the University of Texas Brownsville. “The Price of the Times”, Short Story, Spring 1999;



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